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VR Sustain: Virtual reality electricity safety training application


Image de simulation en réalité virtuelle de formation en sécurité électrique

Client: Volkswagen

Date: 2020

Expertise: Custom Solutions

VR Sustain was born out of the need for a training tool to prevent mistakes that could endanger the safety of Volkswagen operators. In today's automotive manufacturing and assembly process, operators can suffer physical damage. Worse, these can be aggravated, especially when handling electrical equipment. This is one of the major causes of fatal. However, it is possible to prevent these accidents upstream thanks to virtual reality. Electrical maintenance technicians will be trained to detect faults and ensure the safety of electrical interventions, in an immersive, realistic, and safe experience.

Our teams virtualized the training course by modeling the virtual environment, similar to the one used by Volkswagen operators. Thus, once immersed in virtual reality, the operators could train while making mistakes without being harmed.

The learning scenarios were created in Unity with our powerful Interact plugin. They were tested with several operators to get user feedback to improve the tool. The objective is then to democratize this tool on a European scale to open it to a larger number of industries.


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