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  • Have you started a project? 

  • Are your teams in a state of need? 

  • Our teams are available to back up your teams! 

  • You remain the project manager. 


  • Want to start a project? 

  • Your resources are not enough, or you don't have the skills in this subject? 

  • Our teams are available to help you achieve this project from A to Z.   

  • You are still the project manager.   


  • We support you in the management of your project 

  • We manage our technical teams for the success of your projects! 




We have been working with Unity for 1 year now.  

As a service center for Unity, we support them in the management of their projects, we carry out missions such as rendering and simulation under the Unity engine, the creation of tools to improve their internal processes, and the creation of applications from A to Z.   

LS GROUP reorganizes its departments to become a Service Center.

Thus, we provide you with our human resources to support you in the development of your solution or the creation of your content.

Our Service Center draws its strength from our know-how and our expertise in the field, with more than 12 years of experience:   

  • 3D Graphic design: use of digital models, photorealistic rendering, creation of experiences.  

  • 3D Development: Simulation of very precise physical behaviors, and industrial scripting tools.  

  • UI/UX: User experience analysis, creation of mock-ups/wireframe.  

  • R&D: Design of hardware solutions, capitalization of technical knowledge. 


Service Center

Our resources are yours, for the duration of a project  

Quality expertise - Security of client data - Compliance with customer rules and standards

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