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GazEduc : an immersive training platform for gas facility maintenance

Updated: Jul 16

GRTgaz is a French company and one of Europe's leaders in gas transmission and the development of renewable gases and hydrogen. Essential to the country's energy supply, it strives to maintain high standards of gas supply and ensure the safety of the gas system.

The need 

To stay at the cutting edge of the industry, GRTgaz is enabling its employees to train in new technologies in order to maintain the excellence and industrial know-how that characterise GRTgaz's DNA. The aim is to stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

This programme leads to specific accreditation, certifying the skills acquired.

The solution  

LS GROUP has responded to this demand by developing GazEduc, an interactive virtual reality (VR) application. This tailor-made solution offers training courses on three types of installation, presented in the form of guided scenarios or free courses. 

The training programme on the GazEduc platform offers several learning methods.

There are :

- A solo learning mode enabling agents to train independently in the various scenarios.

- Duo mode for supervised training sessions. In this case, a supervisor in front of a computer screen guides the agent equipped with a VR headset. The supervisor can create a personalised training path and display in real time all the actions and tasks he or she wants the learner to carry out.

The video below is a good example of a GazEduc training session.

Thanks to GazEduc, GRTgaz employees can now benefit from immersive and interactive training. This programme enables agents to acquire additional tools. The programme provides a better understanding of safety procedures and field operations.


LS GROUP is proud to contribute to the training of GRTgaz's teams, providing its expertise in immersive technologies and educational solutions tailored to the needs of the natural gas industry.


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