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LS SOLUTIONS guides you after your project with maintenance and support packages. We are also here to support you after your project, with updates on your solutions, the equipment renewal, if needed, etc.   

Regardless of the maintenance chosen, we are fully equipped with remote maintenance tools if only the content of the application needs to be maintained, not the entire application itself.   

If the need for 24/7 phone support arises, we will have to use an external subcontractor for out-of-office support (Monday to Friday - 9am-6pm). 


Maintenance and Assistance

We are here before, during and after

We provide 2 types of maintenance:   

Curative Maintenance

that will work as a ticketing system: i. e. soon as you encounter a problem and report it, it will be turned into a ticket and taken care of within 72 hours. After it is taken care of, we will propose a solution or an alternate option to your problem.   

Preventive Maintenance

that keeps your solutions afloat by anticipating version upgrades, updates of your hardware and software on your mobile solutions. Our mobile solutions are mostly developed under iOS and annual updates are to be expected.

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