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An interactive experience with endless customization choices. 

For a photorealistic rendering quality that matches your brand image.   

This technology offers a very high visual quality for a better product enhancement and a better customer engagement. Plus, the visual content (image or video) can be displayed on multiple communication media: catalogs, flyers, websites, social networks, etc. Your creativity is the only limit to what you can accomplish with pre-computed technology! 

Precalculated / Offline

For interactive, affordable and accessible web experiences.

Thanks to WebGL, your web page becomes interactive and accessible on any mobile device! This technology provides 3D content within your website. It brings a more tangible dimension where the final customer can interact directly with the product in a few clicks. Create an original and dynamic e-commerce experience!   


For a high quality and interactive web experience.

Besides the interactivity, the streaming technology guarantees a high quality visual rendering whatever the device used (tablet, smartphone, PC). Indeed, the image calculations are performed on remote servers and then transmitted as video streams. We are able to offer hosting services. 


For a high-quality, low-cost hybrid interactive experience.  

Developed by LS GROUP, this technology combines high interactivity and very high visual quality by optimizing resources (hardware and software) and image calculations. In this way, each interaction on the configurator uses a simplified 3D model of the product (WebGL). But when the interaction stops, the remote rendering servers calculate photorealistic renderings of the product (Streaming). Thus, the experience is fluid and light, satisfaction is guaranteed!  

On Demand


Technologies available for configurators

Photorealistic Rendering
Level configuration

Today, configurators are effective sales tools capable of meeting the challenges of ultra-digitalization and e-commerce. ​

The interactivity and customization options of the configurator offer a new buying and selling experience.  

By helping the customer to project himself, the decision-making time will be reduced and the act of purchase more consistent. Moreover, the conversion rate and customer satisfaction will only be better. 

At LS GROUP, we leverage content creation and hosting immersive technologies to develop the configurator tailored to your needs

We help you in the development of your tool by following your objectives:   

  •     Definition of user experience   

  •     Demonstrate product customization   

  •     Inform about the product   

  •     Illustrate technical features,  

  •     … And many more.

Our experts help you to choose the best technology for you.

Our 3D graphic design team is ready to train you on Unity & Unreal Engine

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