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Get trained by our experts

Our experts share their secrets with you (well, not all of them!) and guide you.   

Our commercial package LS ACADEMY provides training courses on our solutions (INTERACT, XR TWIN) or on third-party software (Unity, Unreal Engine, PiXYZ) to help you leverage the technologies of tomorrow.   

Pedagogy being one of our values, we wish to help our customers and partners to gain autonomy in the use of their tools. Hence, we have built these different training courses, to help you find the one that suits you: face-to-face, remote, live or pre-recorded.      

LS GROUP is officially a professional training organization.   

These trainings cover all our fields of expertise:

Training on our Products

Live training by our experts or with tutorials on our products Interact and XR Twin.

Training for 3D Creation

Unity & Unreal Engine 3D graphic design training by our experts.


for PiXYZ

Training on best practices to start with PiXYZ

Training for 3D Programming

Training on best practices and specific Unity modules.

If you want more info about LS ACADEMY contact us!

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