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Stipple is a Unity plugin for importing, editing and visualizing your pointcloud.  

The solution supports pointclouds with an almost unlimited number of points!  

You can also compare CAD and/or BIM data with a pointcloud file: useful in the construction industry to check the constructions made according to the planned plan.    

Moreover, the software is VR compatible: You can visualize your pointclouds in a VR headset using the full power of the Unity platform.   

Thanks to its level of detail, you can see your pointclouds as precisely as you want. And for even more realism, you can highlight your point cloud with the lighting features built into Unity.   


Different pointcloud formats are supported : .e57, .ptx, .pts, .ply, .las .   

They talk about us

We used STIPPLE in Unity in our previous project importing huge amount of point clouds.


Very happy with it, it took no time to import the file. Looking forward to use STIPPLE again in our future 3d scanning project.  

Ann Stevens |  TAFE Queensland

The use of STIPPLE is almost invisible in the data import and visualization process. We can work without bugs.

Benoit Manfreo


STIPPLE convinced me with its ease of use.

I didn't have much experience with 3D but with STIPPLE I didn't have any blockages or questions to ask myself. I installed it, saw the imported point clouds tab, clicked on it and within seconds I was able to work with my data.

Maxime CYR

Faiseux de berlue

We had a great R&D experience with INTERACT.

Ann Stevens

TAFE Queensland

INTERACT solves 6-month problems in 10 minutes 

 It's a versatile solution that can meet a number of industrial needs.

Frantz Zele


INTERACT has created a disruption in our processes. It's a solution that allows us to integrate young employees into a technology that allows us to go further than what we can do today.


Renault Group

INTERACT is a tool that's easy to learn. I was very quickly able to test virtual scenarios



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