Straight to the point

Stipple is a Unity plugin for importing, editing and visualizing your pointcloud.  

The solution supports pointclouds with an almost unlimited number of points!  

You can also compare CAD and/or BIM data with a pointcloud file: useful in the construction industry to check the constructions made according to the planned plan.    

Moreover, the software is VR compatible: You can visualize your pointclouds in a VR headset using the full power of the Unity platform.   

Thanks to its level of detail, you can see your pointclouds as precisely as you want. And for even more realism, you can highlight your point cloud with the lighting features built into Unity.   


Different pointcloud formats are supported : .e57, .ptx, .pts, .ply, .las .   

Our product manager and his team are ready to train you on this solution, whether you are a novice or an expert, to help you develop your simulations.   

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