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Interactive product configurator for Unity

Image 3D d'un véhicule industriel modélisé sur le moteur graphique Unity

Client: Unity

Date: 2021

Expertise: Data preparation, 3D computer graphics, creation of Skidloader materials, development in Unity, mobile and web optimization.

Unity is world-famous for its video game engine, but its applications extend far beyond the video game industry. The company offers innovative solutions for a variety of sectors, from healthcare to automotive and real estate.


Unity had a specific need: Demonstrate that its engine could be used to develop a web-based interactive 3D product configurator. This demonstration illustrated how companies could offer to their customers the possibility of personalizing their products in a realistic way, using high-quality 3D renderings.

Our team co-developed this project with Unity.This is how Unity TIMI (The International Machinery Institute) was born, an interactive skidloader configurator optimised for web browsers. By integrating WebGL technology, are able to customise elements such as wheel colour and accessories in an industrial environment. They can also interact with the forklift through hotspots that triggers, such as lowering or lifting accessories and opening doors.


Our team also contributed to develop an augmented reality (AR) version of this experience, for an even more immersive experience.


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