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LS SOLUTIONS offers to develop together a customized solution, tailored to your needs and your future uses of the solution.

We can transcribe your functional specifications and transform them into technical specifications to define - with you - the solution the most adapted to your needs.

No matter what your target is, the technologies you want, the platforms you want to use, and your end-users, we will be able to develop the expected application.  

Our solutions are adapted to your fields of activity whatever they may be:

automotive, aeronautics, luxury, construction, ergonomics, marketing, communication...


Customs Solutions

Your challenges, LS will find your SOLUTIONS

Process automation

Will it fit


(machine, tools, engine...)

Implementation-Dismantling (factories, production lines...)

Industrial conception


Visualization at scale 1

(Pointclouds, data...)

Safety training

(fires, disasters...)

Operators training

Ergonomic improvement

Robot programming on human gesture

Simple Data visualization

Our expertise of more than 12 years, our past experiences, and our skills developed through projects and exchanges with all the actors involved, give us the confidence to advise you on solutions that meet your expectations.  

From backend to frontend development, software optimizations as well as the creation of reusable tools are part of the daily challenges that our team faces in a sector where technologies are constantly evolving.

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