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​Since 2009, we aim at enhancing companies' products and services and optimizing their industrial processes thanks to our expertise in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The development of applications facilitating the appropriation and use of these 3D Technologies is our specialty, that is one of the reasons why well-known companies have called on us such as Airbus, Dassault Aviation or Channel. Our teams apply all their knowledge, experience and know-how to propose the solution adapted to client's needs and guarantee the project's success. ​

Their vision, our know-how (skills)​


Our team has built its expertise and know-how in product branding : from the creation of the most beautiful images to the development of product configuration applications. From print, web, VR headset, tablet to mobile, our experts produce content with the utmost care to help brands convey their message. ​

In addition, we offer with LS Solutions Team multiple services to fully satisfy the needs of our customers : support for the creation of a project, maintenance assistance, center services etc. ​


Their needs, our products ​


In recent years, the industry has realized that virtual simulation can bring many advantages : accelerate production, reduce prototyping errors, facilitate maintenance, improve employee safety, or train them. To greatly simplify the daily work of employees, while improving the companies' productivity, we offer several tools , whether it is our Unity products or our own software. ​

The Spirit of Sharing


With LS Academy, we provide many training courses on our solutions so that our customers are more independent in their use of our tools.

Our green side! 

​Partnership with Joyeux Recycleurs

to recycle and sort our waste!

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