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Make mistakes while it costs you less

Interact is a Unity plugin for creating industrial and human-centered simulations in VR

Interact gives you the bricks you need to build your simulations to meet the many challenges of Industry 4.0: prototyping, design review, training, ergonomic analysis, etc. It's up to you to connect them to create simple to complex simulations. 

From 3D CAD models or pointclouds, you can immediately build your simulations on different immersive systems (VR headsets, haptic devices, desktop computers, motion capture systems...) without any programming skill. 

With Interact, accelerate your industrial processes to boost your productivity and to save costs! 

Interact strengths:

  • Powerful and open ecosystem: Based on the Unity® 3D engine ecosystem, Interact leverages its graphical and CAD import power (with PiXYZ®), and its compatibility with virtual reality to easily and quickly create simulations. 


  • Realistic simulation: To face real issues, Interact reproduces the behavior of a real object in the virtual world. Thus, it is possible to set up kinematics and to precisely detect collisions in constrained environments thanks to the XDE physics engine. 


  • Human-centric: Created by humans for humans, Interact helps to manipulate a virtual product with the same gestures as in real life. It also provides ergonomic analysis for the well-being at work. 


  • Scenarisation/ Scripting: From the most basic to the most complex simulations, Interact gives you the power to plan assembly/disassembly ranges as many times as you want. 


  • Sharing: A deployable application can be generated on a larger scale for internal collaboration. 


If you want a turnkey solution without any programming or VR knowledge, discover:

Our product manager and his team are ready to train you on this solution, whether you are a novice or an expert, to help you develop your simulations.   

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