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Make mistakes while it costs you less



Review CAD and point cloud in virtual reality. Visualize your digital twin at 1:1 scale using virtual reality. Navigate, measure and spot design issues earlier. 


Reproduce the physical behavior of your processes interactively. Ensure parts fitting, cables routing, and tool accessibility. 


Manipulate, touch, and try your product before building it. Experiment and validate product usage. 


Share your simulation and deploy your executable. Train your users on complex tasks. 

INTERACT is a Unity plugin for industrials who want to
create human-centric simulations in virtual reality.

Based on Unity Editor

INTERACT rely on the powerful Unity RT3D engine. Unity engine provides state-of-the-art 3D graphics capabilities. This popular platform also permits user customization, either by relying on additional packages or by developing your own. User friendly interface eases the tool adoption, from beginner to power-user. Undo, redo and iterate fast. Thanks to Pixyz add-on, you can import native CAD files seamlessly in your scene. 

With CAD users in mind

Feel at home with Interact, even with no previous knowledge of Unity. Setup kinematic link like in a CAD software: Interact can automatically recognize shapes and edges making it easy to precisely position and orient them. Navigate in the full CAD hierarchy, group, or merge parts to define which parts will move together.  


Reproduce complex mechanical systems. Combine joints together. Define constraints limits. Visualize complete kinematic graph to show every mechanical constraint immediately. Using reduced-coordinates by default, constraints will remains stable even with high forces. 

Collision detection

Accurate collision detection on industrial models. Work on convex and concave parts, even with a large number of triangles. Avoid costly pre-process to concentrate on simulation results. Customize gap clearance to ensure fitting. Visualize collision points. Setup friction and compliance. 

Natural interaction

Grab, push, pull objects in your virtual scenes. Ensure hand accessibility. Use finger tracking with Manus or Leap motion to improve interaction fidelity. Match virtual and physical props using Vive trackers

Cable simulation

Simulate cable deformations using a real time finite element model for cables. Ensure cable bend radius specifications and plan your cable routing accordingly. Recognize cable shapes to easily define initial properties. 

Ergonomic analysis

Use full body motion tracking in virtual reality to improve workspace ergonomy. Compute RULA score to spot musculo skeletal risks. 

Plan your assembly sequence

Scenarize and define order for parts assembly. Snap parts when they are in position. Model maintenance and decommission processes to decrease Total Cost of Ownership. 


Push the realism to eleven using haptic force feedback. Interact is compatible with Virtuose device from Haption company and can compute collisions in a suitable time for force-feedback.  

Interact uses a dedicated collision detection engine based on signed distance field. 


Use your simulation on CAVE. Support optical tracking provided by ART or Optitrack, compute appropriate stereoscopic views. Deploy on a cluster. 


¹ Node-locked: Our licenses includes the price per year and per machine.​

² Floating: If you desire greater freedom to use Interact on several workstations at once. It requires the installation of a license server

which implies direct access to IT services and a direct contact at our customers' premises.

*Unity and PiXYZ are not inclued in the price

We have CAVE and Haptic options, contact us for conditions

License Creator

7 500€* / year
per computer

License Creator

15 000€* / year
per token


Our resellers

LS GROUP made the strategic decision to expand our market internationally by working with carefully selected resellers.
We have chosen reliable and competent partners with a thorough knowledge of their local market and innovative technologies. With their expertise and experience, we are confident that users of our software will be properly onboarded and will have technical support.

If you would like to join us in this exciting adventure, book a call with Léopold, he will be glad to answer your questions.

If you want to see more INTERACT book a Demo with us!

A question ? More informations about INTERACT, check our Documentation

I use INTERACT almost every day to prepare simulations

Benoit Manfreo


We use INTERACT for accessibility studies to improve the design of TBM Port Cells components

Chiara Di Paolo


We had a great R&D experience with INTERACT.

Ann Stevens

TAFE Queensland

INTERACT solves 6-month problems in 10 minutes 

 It's a versatile solution that can meet a number of industrial needs.

Frantz Zele


INTERACT has created a disruption in our processes. It's a solution that allows us to integrate young employees into a technology that allows us to go further than what we can do today.


Renault Group

INTERACT is a tool that's easy to learn. I was very quickly able to test virtual scenarios



They trust us

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