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Complete your experience

The expertise of our engineers covers the challenges that Industry 4.0 can face:

from small objects to the most complex installations, the possibilities are numerous!     

  • Haptic technologies  

  • Connected objects (IoT)  

  • Tangible human-machine interfaces  

  • Advanced visualization systems  

  • Tracking systems (optical, inertial)  

  • Electronic installations  

  • Mechanical systems 

Our hardware developments (and our R&D) are based on 4 key domains: 

Motion tracking

This is a technique detecting the position and orientation of an object or a person thanks to sensors. It reproduces the movements in the virtual environment.  


Representative solution:    

Application for tracking the movement of an object. It provides a way to transcribe the trajectory in the format of a robot to execute the same gestures.

Image processing and computer vision

It is a range of methods and technologies to detect, analyze and interpret one or more elements of an image to make an action and/or automate it.


For example: gesture recognition or position detection.  

Augmented interface to visualize flows tracked by external sensors and analyze these data.

Connected objects & IOT

A connected object is an object that will be connected to an application to function. It will allow the user to interact in the virtual world, as in the real world. It can be adapted to virtual reality (CAVE, helmet ...), augmented reality, etc.  

  • Design and building of hardware systems (mechanical and electronic). 

  • Development of software bricks allowing to communicate with.

A visualization system is a hardware device that helps users immerse themselves in a virtual world.  This type of interface could be used, for example, with a watch that is not present. The advanced visualization system will provide the user the best way to evaluate the object and to interact in real and virtual with the technology.   

  •  Creation of tools with the help of partners/clients from existing or not.

Advanced visualization systems 

You need hardware to complete your experience?

We can provide solutions adapted to your needs, by proposing existing hardware solutions or by designing a custom hardware solution.  

To meet the needs of our customers, our Hardware department can develop hardware systems integrating mechanics and electronics.  

Since the creation of LS GROUP, we have developed software products, but also hardware!   

For example, between 2012 and 2016, our engineers developed a virtual reality headset (the NEO Pro), and interaction devices for immersive systems.

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