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Our turnkey solutions 

Today, the industry recognizes that virtual simulation can reduce prototyping errors, especially with the Digital Twin. The latter virtualizes your product for product design (design review, assembly, disassembly), manufacturing (assembly, production), production workstation ergonomics (ergonomic review of existing or future workstations), and operator training (safety training). And all this? At a lower cost.   


To help you test scenarios/simulations repeatedly to anticipate errors in the virtual world, before the final implementation in the real world.   

Find below a range of turnkey tools that can answer your industrial problems.   

Whether it is our Unity plugins or our proprietary applications, all are developed to facilitate the creation and development of your ideas!

  • CAD Data 

  • Point clouds data 

  • And other 3D data 

Visualize at scale 1

  • Assembly/disassembly (machine tools, engines, products)  

  • Implementation/dismantling (factories, production lines)  

  • Robotic programming

Create simulation

  • Create security or operator training courses  

  • Automate your production  

  • And anything else you can imagine with the potential of XR technology  

Training courses

  • Ergonomics of production lines 

  • Industrial design   

  • Logistics (new robot, new production line, etc.)   

Create scenarios

What you can do

If you want more info about LS SOFTWARE contact us!



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