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Creation of a Holistic Digital Twin for CEA Grenoble

The CEA (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives) is a leading technological research organisation in France, operating in the fields of energy, defence, fundamental research and advanced technologies.

Context and requirements

CEA Grenoble needed a set of software tools to facilitate the creation of immersive presentations. The project aimed to illustrate their technological advances in Industry 4.0, by highlighting the concept of the 'Holistic Digital Twin'. The experience had to be viewable on a giant screen and via Meta Quest Pro headsets, enabling collaboration around an interactive virtual model. The tools also had to be generic so that they could be re-used for other content in the future. 

Solutions provided by LS GROUP 

Our teams developed and delivered an optimised Unity scene to meet the CEA's requirements, including : 


1. Optimisation of 3D assets: The geometries and materials supplied by the CEA were optimised for display in 4K at 60fps on a giant screen, and at a constant 90fps in mixed reality on the Meta Quest Pro headsets.

2. Realistic animations: Three different scenarios were developed to animate the assets, including network flow animations to illustrate data exchange and synchronisation between objects. 


3. Graphical enhancements and real-time effects. This includes : 

- Realistic rendering and holographic rendering. 

- Highlight and outline effects adapted to both rendering modes. 

- Elegant" appearance and disappearance effects for geometries. 


4. Development of reusable scripts: Development of scripts enabling the activation of effects, rendering modes and "elegant" appearance and disappearance effects, with customisable parameters. 


Thanks to these solutions, the CEA Grenoble can now present its advances in Industry 4.0 in an immersive and interactive way, while having flexible and reusable tools for other projects. LS GROUP is proud to contribute to the enhancement of CEA technologies with advanced digital solutions. 


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