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Virtual reality showroom

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Fabrice Ausset

Image d'une représentation 3D d'un bien en réalité virtuelle

Client: Fabrice Ausset

Date: 2018

Expertise: Custom Solutions

Architect and designer, Fabrice Ausset wishes to give a uniqueness never expressed before to his furniture through a virtual showroom.

Passionate about contemporary art, he creates furniture inspired by French art and excellence. His distinctive style, a perfect combination of classicism and extravagance, turns furniture into true works of modern art.

For a trade show in NYC, he wanted to extend his whimsical and enchanting universe through an interactive experience. The objective was to transport visitors into the brand's imaginary world while promoting its wide range of products.

Fabrice Ausset pays particular attention to detail, color and materials, and our 3D experts are no different! Aware of the visual fidelity in this sector, our Studio team has splendidly modeled the silhouettes and materials of each furniture. Indeed, thanks to their expertise on Unreal Engine 4, our 3D experts were able to create a play of contrast and light for a bluffing final rendering. ​Then our skilled developers made sure to bring the experience to virtual reality (VR). They had to guarantee a fluid and immersive navigation in Fabrice Ausset's showroom.


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