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XR PAINT - the virtual reality software for effective training in industrial painting!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Being an industrial painter requires meticulous precision and technical movements to master the spray gun. Uniform paint application is essential to avoid visuals defects and preserve the durability of materials. Errors in the industrial painting process can be costly in terms of material and workforce.

To prevent these mistakes on site, explore how virtual reality offers optimal training for your industrial painters.

Your challenges

As a manufacturer, you’re naturally looking to optimize your training programs to reduce costs and boost productivity. However, the major challenge resides in the difficulty of training your painters without impacting your activity. The is a need to find a way of finding the resources to train them. That's where virtual reality comes in as a solution, offering your painters flexible training without any physical space constraints, while improving their efficiency.

Helping industrial companies to train their employees efficiently and cost-effectively has been one of our key missions over the last few years. And our paint simulation software, XR Paint, is no exception.

Thanks to XR Paint, there’s no need to interrupt your production lines!

XR PAINT, the hardware and software solution for training and recruiting painters in virtual reality.

XR Paint is a solution specifically designed for training and recruiting industrials painters. By equiping them with a virtual reality headset and a gun connected to a VR controller, learners will be able to practice spraying paint over and over again on virtual objects.

XR Paint offers many advantages:

Total immersion and enhanced realism

To ensure the closest possible match with reality, our teams have integrated haptic feedback into the gun, generating sound and vibrations as it sprays.Furthermore, virtual objects are reproduced at 1:1 scale. For example, an automotive professional can now paint the body of a vehicle on a digital twin, offering a learning experience almost similar to traditional training, but with the notable advantage of saving not only on paint, but also on materials, air, and gas.

A unique and customized experience

XR Paint lets you import your data to create customized scenarios. Whether you're in the construction industry and want to train your painters to finish tippers, or you're in the automotive sector and want to train painters to paint carbody, it's all possible thanks to 3D data import. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose the learning environment to suit your specific needs. Finally, the application is available in several languages.

Multiple tools for rapid progress

To ensure rapid progress and optimum support for your painters, our team has developed several key features, including:

  • The integration of the heatmap, which highlights the thickness of deposited paint layers, enabling in-depth spray analysis.

Couches de peinture industrielle en réalité virtuelle

  • Exercises available to assess your painters' skills.

Entrainement à la peinture industrielle en réalité virtuelle

  • The ability to export a PDF generating a full session report.

Rapport complet sur une session d'entrainement de peinture industrielle en VR


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