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The application allows you to import your data and create your training scenarios adapted to your audience. Offering a new vision for the trainer and the learner, XR Paint also helps you to reduce training costs (time, material, human, etc.).  

In addition, to improve the realism during the manipulation, we coupled a paint gun with a VR controller and a haptic actuator. 

XR Paint is a hardware AND software solution developed by our experts for training and recruiting new painters in virtual reality.


No paint, more gain



Identify problematic areas in the paint range and modify the workstation, the operating range or the 3D data. 


Train your staff in a realistic environment (3D parts, conveyors, turntable, gondola, etc.).  


Create scenarios representing different levels of difficulty to assess the skills of your future operators. 

Scenario creation 3D data import and configuration 

Scenario customisation (fixed or moving part, management of different states, etc.) 

Paint thicknesses

​Visualization of paint layers and their thicknesses in order to better control the flow rate and the passage time.

​Spray visualization

​Two viewing modes, cone mode to better see the impact area of the paint and particle mode for a rendering closer to reality.

​Visualization of trajectories

​See and review the painter's trajectories and the reference trajectory (recorded by the trainer).

Natural interaction

A real paint gun with haptic feedback (sound and vibration).


​Generation of exercise report or evaluation with the criteria of thickness, speed and distance.




4 000€ / year


6 000€ / year

Associated Hardware

13 400€

A REAL paint gun

XR Paint can be delivered with a complete kit including a VR paint gun with haptic feedback for an immersive experience as close to reality as possible.   

Client DATA

Import your own DATA and create your digital twin environment.

Custom scenario

Create scenario you need to build your

own experience!

What makes us different from others

They trust us

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They talk about us

With XR Paint, you get a really good feel for the paint, with the sound of the gun. You can configure the number of vehicles produced per hour.

 I think XR Paint is a very good tool. You find yourself immersed in the environment of a vehicle cab

Anthony Delamare |  Renault

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