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Luxury aircraft configurator : ACJ TwoTwenty | Airbus Corporate Jets

Modélisation 3D en réalité virtuelle d'un jet privé Airbus

Client : Airbus Corporate Jets

Date : 2022 

Expertises : Real time, configurator, 3D development and rendering, UI, WebGL

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) was in a unique situation in 2020. They needed to introduce their customers to a luxury aircraft, the ACJ TwoTwenty, which did not physically exist at the time. Yet they needed to allow their customers to personalise every aspect of the interior of this luxury aircraft, creating a colossal challenge.


ACJ's main requirements on this project were:

  1. To ensure the highest possible visual quality to meet the high standards of Airbus Corporate Jets' customers

  2. Provide an immersive experience that reflects the quality level of the brand and allows end customers to modify every aspect of the aircraft's interior.

  3. Providing sales teams with a versatile and mobile tool that can be used in showrooms, exhibitions/events and available on devices such as tablets, TV screens to support their sales team...


LS GROUP rose to the challenge by developing a 3D luxury aircraft configurator. This solution allows ACJ customers to customise every aspect of the interior of the ACJ TwoTwenty, with more than 83,000,000 possible configurations. The possibilities for personalisation are virtually endless. The application offers exceptional, almost photo-realistic visual quality on a variety of devices, including VR headsets.

The ACJ TwoTwenty luxury aircraft configurator has become a major asset in their showroom, offering their customers an immersive and unique experience in the world of luxury aviation.

One of the key innovations of the ACJ TwoTwenty configurator is the use of RFID sensors to enhance immersion. It offers customers a wide range of customisation options. Customers can see in real time the modifications (materials, textures, atmospheres, lighting, etc.) they make to the interior of the aircraft on the screen. They can also take a virtual tour of the cabin using a VR headset.

Moreover, the application is robust and allows custom export of videos and PDF files to keep a history of modifications.


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