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Why you should integrate a 3D configurator for your e-commerce

More than a simple visualization tool, a 3D configurator allows customers to customize every detail of their future purchase. 3D configurator represents a powerful sales tool, whatever the sector or industry. It offers customers an immersive and customized buying experience. This solution shows advantages for enterprises and consumers. We’ll present them in this article. 

What is a 3D configurator ?  

3D configurator as an interactive application allowing to customers to explore a product beyond realistic 3D modeling. This technology offers a 360° view in real time, enabling customers to choose various aspects such as colors, materials, and components…of a product. The main goal of a 3D configurator is to enhance a product while improving customer buying experience. 


Advantages of a 3D configurator 

For customers

  • A better understanding of a product: customers interact directly with the product, visualizing each of the details in every angle, improving their understanding.  

  • Implication in a product creation process: details customization allows to customers to create made-to-measure products replying to their needs for greater customer satisfaction.  

  • Real-time access to interactive product information thanks to 360° visualization. 

  • Live price information during configuration, for a clear purchasing phase 

For companies

  • A better comprehension of customer needs: shorter sales cycles and customized products reduce marketing, after-sales and warehousing costs, boosting profitability 

  • Reduced costs: shorter sales cycles and customized products cut marketing, after-sales and storage costs, boosting profitability. 

  • Reduced return rate: customers who are informed and convinced by 3D visualization are less likely to return products. 

  • Increased conversion rate: greater customer engagement boosts conversions and sales, regardless of the channel used during the purchasing journey. 

  • Increased online retention: customers spend more time exploring and personalizing products, reinforcing the company's online presence. 

  • Omnichannel solution: thanks to the configurator, you can offer a solution that enables customers to start personalizing online and finish in-store, regardless of the hardware used: phone, tablet, computer... 

For sales teams


  • Boost the performance of your sales force: sales representatives can use interactive demonstrations to respond to the unique preferences of each customer. Configurators become persuasive tools for overcoming objections and closing the sale. 

  • Better communication of product features: in-store sales tools enable sales representatives to present their entire product catalogs and variants in real time.  

Use of 3D configurators in different sectors

Luxury: the personalization of luxury products such as jewelry and watches enhance the customer experience.  (E.g: Channel)

Configurateur 3D  d'une montre Channel


Automobile : Kia hybrid car configurator 

Configurateur On-Demand pour la Kia V6


Retail : customers can visualize and personalize products before purchase. Example: Levi's LS1 shoe configurator

Photo mettant en avant un configurateur pour des Sneakers Levi's dans un shop

Best practices for an effective configurator


To use a 3D product configurator, the first step is usually to create and process the product CAD data, containing the 3D model, textures and other necessary data. While integrating a configurator can be complex, LS GROUP's expertise can enable you to automate this process by offering ready-to-use solutions. 

By waiting, here are a few concepts to keep in mind:  

- CAD file optimization: adaptation and preparation of data for your product configuration systems. 

- Realistic rendering: Adjustment of rendering quality to the capabilities of each visualization medium (Mobile, WebGL, Desktop...). 

- Customer first: don't neglect the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Prioritize a fluid user experience with an intuitive and, functional interface. 

- Functionalities: integrate your product's key features, a configuration system, intelligent 360° navigation for detailed product exploration, and real-time price display... 

In short, the 3D configurator is emerging as a major catalyst in the digital transformation of businesses, offering an unrivalled customer experience while delivering significant operational benefits. Whether in the furniture, luxury goods, retail or real estate sectors, its potential is vast and promising. 

Next steps : Get started with a 3D product configurator 

Many companies benefit from our expertise in 3D product configurator integration to generate conversions and sales in their online stores. With over a decade of experience in this sector, we're sure to be able to help you with your 3D configurator deployment projects. 


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