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Car configurator on demand - Kia EV6

Updated: Jan 8


Voiture modélisée en 3D de vue extérieure avec un configurateur pour pouvoir tester des options en direct

In 2020, at a time when the automotive industry was increasingly turning towards electric mobility, KIA was looking to offer its customers a new experience.

The car manufacturer worked with Unity and LS GROUP to push back the boundaries of automotive customisation.

The brief was clear: to offer the world's first real-time, pre-calculated hybrid configurator. This configurator was to enable customers to explore and personalise configurations of the brand's future 100% electric vehicle (EV6) even before it went to market.


KIA wanted its customers to be able to personalise their electric vehicle in depth, by testing various configurations. The web-based solution had to be cross-platform, i.e. accessible on several devices: computers, smartphones and tablets, in order to guarantee an optimal user experience.

It also had to successfully represent the technological innovations of its electric vehicles, in particular the performance of the battery and motor coupling.

Voiture modélisée en 3D de vue de découpe avec un configurateur pour pouvoir tester des options en direct


Our teams developed a bespoke solution for the brand: a 3D car configurator for the web, with a fully responsive interface. We used remote rendering servers to calculate photo-realistic renderings of the vehicle.

Customers were able to customise every detail of their KIA electric vehicle from any device and enjoy a fluid, immersive experience.

How does it work?

Customers customise the vehicle from the web, with the projected image being wired to highlight the vehicle's engine. Once the configurations have been completed, the information is sent in real time to servers that produce high-quality pre-calculated renderings.


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