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3D layout of the new stores


3D realisation of a product presentation of the brand DIOR

Client: Dior

Date: 2015

Expertises: Custom Solutions // 3D rendering, 3D development

To lay out its future stores more efficiently, Dior asked LS GROUP to model their merchandizing in 3D.

Defined upstream, the layout of a store is a key step in captivating the audience and converting them: product display, lighting, furniture layout, etc. Everything must be thought out to optimize the in-store experience. At the same time, this also allows the brand to bolster its identity throughout the network of the stores.

For projection purposes, the luxury brand sought LS GROUP's expertise in 3D rendering to create high-quality visuals for its stores.

After analyzing the samples of materials, and in close collaboration with the Dior designers, we recreated the stores and their products. These products came from various universes, ranging from perfumery, make-up to skincare products.

Moreover, Dior was a luxury brand with a distinct visual identity. Our team of 3D artists therefore strived to achieve a final rendering that met their requirements. Our team worked on the visual details and the general atmosphere of the stores.

Furthermore, for a better immersion and projection, our teams have also declined the rendering in an immersive virtual reality visit.


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