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Our product manager and his team are ready to train you on this solution, whether you are a novice or an expert, to help you develop your simulations.   

XR Twin can import your own data, whether it be 3D CAD models or point cloud files, to create your simulation.  

(Supported formats : PCL: e57 (.e57), PTS/PTX (.pts, .ptx), LAS (.las))

The preparation of your simulation consists in elaborating scenarios according to your needs and your objectives:   

  • Conduct a product design review,   

  • Evaluate the feasibility of production,   

  • Produce an ergonomic evaluation of a workstation.   


These realistic physical simulations make engineering process evaluations and virtual prototyping possible.  

Once you're good, you're ready to start your simulation! The infinite number of trials gives you the freedom to edit and replay your scenario as many times as necessary to get the right result.  

With virtual reality allowing full scale immersion and the realistic interactions offered by XR Twin, the field of possibilities is unlimited. 

If you want a solution where you can add your own input to your application, using your programming skills, discover Interact!    


XR Twin is an industrial simulation creation software accessible to everyone.

In addition to being "no code", the application is easy to use to configure your digital twin from your data. With this digital twin, edit, visualize, interact with and analyze your simulation endlessly, even during your process, design or product review.  


The goal? Anticipate problems. Because in simulation, mistakes don't cost anything. On the contrary, make them. 

They talk about us

With XR Twin, we can do in 24 hours what used to take a month to set up. It's extremely fast .

We have gone from a test phase with cardboard mock-ups to a more realistic and representative virtual reality test phase.

Mathieu LAUER |  SEW USOCOME France

Simplicity for your reality

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