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Embark on a daring adventure! ​

If you are looking for challenges in your professional life, LS is the best place for you. Working with us means working with passion and contributing to the digital transformation of companies. ​

Taking care of our staff means taking care of our customers!​

It is essential for us to meet customer's expectations and to fully satisfy them. Delivering a good customer experience requires that the employee himself appreciates his personal experience in our company.

To do this, we do everything possible to enhance their skills, preserve their physical and mental health and promote diversity.


No surprises when you arrive, we are here to make sure that, during the recruitment, your expectations are in line with our missions. That is why 100% of our newcomers over the last six months confirm that the position matches their expectations and feel like they made the right choice by joining us.​

Moreover, it is important to us that the information is transmitted early, transparently, continuously.​

We favor communication between the different teams and teamwork with internal communication tools. For our employees to integrate into our teams, we set up an Onboarding process. ​


Our employees come from different academic backgrounds. They are experts in their domain and 3D: They are passionate about VR and AR, which allows them to create quality deliverables daily. ​


We have at least ten managers who supervised several employees. Their mission? Increasing their team's skills. Each of them will be train on new management methods to improve team performance by the end of the year, in order to achieve this goal.

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