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Industrial review and VR: Toyota improves its design processes with XR Twin

Suresnes, 11/20/2023 -

Automotive manufacturer Toyota has chosen to call on the expertise of LS GROUP (formerly Light And Shadows), a specialist in the development of applications to facilitate the adoption and use of 3D technologies, in order to reduce design times, cut development costs and avoid errors. Currently in use at Toyota's Valenciennes site, XR Twin should eventually be rolled out to all the manufacturer's production plants in Europe.

Virtual reality the automotive industry

« The potential of virtual reality in the automotive industry is well established. Thanks to the virtual prototyping phase, it is now possible to save a considerable amount of time by anticipating at an early stage certain problems or inaccuracies that prevent production from continuing. As experts in 3D modelling, LS GROUP - thanks to its XR Twin tool - is pleased to help Toyota meet the challenges and benefit from the many opportunities offered by virtual reality within its factories, » explains Jordane Richter, Sales and Marketing Director at LS Group.

Thanks to LS GROUP's innovative 'no code' XR Twin application, Toyota teams can configure a digital twin from the data collected, offering the possibility of editing, visualising, interacting with and analysing the simulation ad infinitum, even during the process, design or product review. This means that any errors can be anticipated and corrected at the design stage, and avoided in the real world.

For the carmaker, this means considerable time savings and a reduction in development costs.

XR Twin: an ergonomic tool for all industries

XR Twin is quick and easy to learn: 2 to 3 hours' training is all it takes to master the application, which was developed in partnership with the CEA. Its user-friendliness means that teams can get to grips with the tool, become involved in the process and quickly adopt new best practices. XR Twin's ability to analyse tasks simplifies the work of operators, making them more efficient.

Project example - XR Twin interface by LS GROUP
Project example - XR Twin interface

XR Twin industrial simulation software is accessible to everyone:

  • An intuitive interface: the user experience and interface have been designed to suit a range of industrial profiles so that they can create industrial simulations quickly;

  • A variety of formats: from CAD models (.3ds, fbx, etc.) to point cloud files, you can easily create simulations with your own 3D data;

  • Realism: thanks to the XDE physics engine, it is possible to simulate scenarios with realistic and precise interactions;

  • A VR-friendly interface: with full-scale immersion in virtual reality and realistic interactions, the field of possibilities is unlimited with XR Twin!

The Plug & Play XR Twin application can be used to prepare simulations by importing current files (3D CAD models or point clouds). Once the import is complete, the builder can start to simulate the scene, develop scenarios and even set up ergonomic analyses using a table of dimensions simultaneously. This means that the avatar's movements can be controlled at the same time as its ergonomic analysis. It is also possible to replay the scene, something that is not possible in other VR applications. Other uses include the construction of training scenarios and product and design reviews.


Founded in 2009 on the initiative of Stéphane Imbert, formerly of PSA, LS GROUP is committed to developing applications that facilitate the adoption and use of 3D technologies. As a recognised player in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), LS GROUP is committed to enhancing the products and services of various companies and optimising their industrial processes. To date, the company's high-profile customers include companies such as Airbus, Renault, Stellantis, Alstom and Saint Gobain.

Based in Suresnes, the company employs around sixty people and applies its expertise in France and internationally.


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