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Training Available:

1 full day

Interact our Unity plugin solution that helps you improve your industrial processes.   


  • Basics in CAD and Unity recommended   

  • Pcs are not provided   

  • Installation of the Unity software + Interact license – provided by LS GROUP  


Our speaker will guide you following the path below:  

  • Basics in Unity and INTERACT   

  • Import of CAD data  

  • Cinematic  

  • Controle and object manipulation in INTERACT   

  • Collision detection (The major feature of our plugin)   

  • Final scenario: the creation of an assembly range   

If you find an interest in other subjects, they can be treated if our speaker is warned (e.g. haptics, cables, CAVE supports, point cloud data)   

1 full day

XR Twin: A complete software to easily answer your industrial needs.   



  • Non-mandatory knowledge in general mechanics or CAD   

  • PCs are not provided  

  • Installation of a XR Twin license – provided by LS GROUP  

Our expert will guide you from A to Z in the discovery of our software depending on your major needs and present you with the following axes:   

  • Software General presentation  

  • Editor and basic features presentation   

  • Use cases (Your data can be used here)    

If you find an interest in other subjects, they can be treated if our speaker is warned   

Prices on quotation

Training for our Products

You just bought one of our solutions? We are here to help you begin with our software or plugin!   

Yes! Training sessions are available in site or remote, in addition to some video tutorials that are accessible on our YouTube channel, to help you handle our tools.   

Modèles rond gris

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

More product training to come!

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