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The v23.2 XR Twin release is here

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

We are excited and thrilled to share with you the updates that we worked on this summer for you. Here is a glimpse of what the 23.2 release contains :

  • Massive performance improvements

  • New VR menu with immersive project reviews tools

  • New feature : move part origin

  • New environment

  • And more !!!

Massive performance improvements

Explore scenes with over 100 000 objects with XR Twin
Explore scenes with over 100 000 objects with XR Twin

Get ready for a major performance boost in XR Twin! With our new merge tool, you can now seamlessly explore scenes with over 100,000 objects. Developed in collaboration with CEA researchers, this upgrade is set to take XR Twin to new heights and give you a smoother and more powerful experience.

New VR menu

<img src="wix_xr_twin.jpg" alt="XR Twin new VR menu">
Discover the new VR Menu in XR Twin

We've integrated a brand new virtual reality menu that offers immersive project review tools. You can now explore your models using features such as teleportation, sectioning, note-taking and screen capture, while remaining immersed in the virtual environment.

Move origin feature

Change the referential point of objects in XR Twin
Change the referential point of objects in XR Twin

You can now change the origin (referential) of objects directly in XR Twin. It has been developed to simplify the management of object positions and facilitate the creation of complex models, enabling you to save time and refine your work process.

New factory environment

Discover the new factory environment integrated in XR Twin
A new environment for more immersion

We've created a new working environment in XR Twin that accurately reproduces your workplace. This feature will allow you to simulate your industrial scenarios in a familiar environment, improving the relevance and realism of your virtual reality projects.

We resumed all the features in this video :

We now have an online documentation !!

We've heard your requests and are delighted to announce that we now have comprehensive online documentation. This resource will give you easy access to essential information, from user guides to advanced tutorials, to get the most out of XR Twin. Now you can explore and learn at your own pace, with documentation just a click away.

Many bugs were fixed. You can discover all the updates that we made online in the changelog.


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