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The rise of new technologies: The key to success for the retail sector.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

At the dawn of Paris Retail Week and SIEC Retail, the retail sector is buzzing. New technologies are taking place and becoming major key tools for retailers. Due to a strong competition (e.g: online platforms) and increasingly high consumer expectations, also the change of habits due to pandemic, the sector must rethink its strategy to stay competitive and continue to prosper.

In this article, we will present you 3 use cases from LS GROUP illustrating the importance and the impact of new technologies on different types of retail.

Discover how these innovations transform the retail sector and allow companies to stand out and prosper in this challenging environment.

Extend Reality and 3D Configurators at the heart of Retail Projects (by LS GROUP)

Levi’s: 3D Configurator

In order to promote Levi’s brand new LS1 sneaker, Ozalyd specialized in fashion brand promotion) and LS GROUP teamed up to create a real-time 3D experience in a Courir’ shop in Chatelet-les-Halles (Paris). We conceived and realized a Web-GL real time configurator on Sketchfab that allows visitors to custom their LS1’ pair and a wealth of information on the brand’s history and the design of the pair.

What are the advantages for Levi’s?

By using this technology, Levi’s stands out from classic or traditional promotional methods and reaches several goals:

  • An increase of visitor's retention.

  • A strengthening of identity brand thanks to complementary information given. (Brand history conception, key dates, etc.).

  • An enhancement of its brand awareness by positioning itself as a modern brand that offers unique experiences.

Dior: Virtual Reality store layout

Dior asked us to help them in the process of layering and validation of the configuration of their new stores. Thanks to our virtual reality proposition, Dior’s team was able to move around the stores virtually. In consequence, they benefited from having a visualization at scale 1:1 et approve the proposed changes.

What were the advantages for Dior?

Dior has reaped several benefits from the use of virtual reality, including:

  • A reduction in costs and time by using virtual prototypes instead of constructing physical prototypes. Moreover, they were able to modify more quickly the stores layout.

  • A life-size visualization allows Dior’s designer to visualize every detail in an immersive virtual environment.

  • Better decision-making thanks to the ability to virtually visit DIOR Stores and compare different layout options before making final choices.

Stellantis (ex-PSA): Mobile Configurator in Augmented Reality

For over ten years, Stellantis et LS GROUP have been working closely together on numerous projects, mainly focused on the creation of high-quality marketing content. These projects mainly consisted of creating 3D photorealistic images, showcasing the scope of PSA’s vehicles.

In 2018, the collaboration took on a new dimension when the French automotive group has called on us for a project which demanding a different approach, a different expertise: the development of a mobile application with augmented reality functionalities. This innovative application, developed with Unity, was designed for sales representatives to present the new PARTNER Peugeot’ vehicle in an interactive and personalized way.

Quels bénéfices pour PSA ?

  • An increase in sales thanks to the use of an interactive 3D tool enabling customers to better visualize the product and to project themselves in the use of PEUGEOT PARTNER.

  • An enhancement of its brand image by positioning itself as a modern brand offering unique experiences.

Thanks to this application and sales support tool, sales teams were able to highlight the vehicle’s various customization options (colors, wheels, rims, size, etc.) through an immersive experience in 3D. This approach has strengthened PSA’s sales argument by offering a convincing and captivating presentation of the PEUGEOT Partner’s features.

To conclude

LS GROUP's case studies demonstrate how new technologies are transforming retail. These innovations offer unique experiences, increase customer engagement, and consequently sales. Retailers who embrace these tools stand out in a competitive, fast-moving industry.

What about you? What are you waiting for to develop tailor-made solutions for your needs?


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