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The importance of product personalization in 2020

Updated: May 12, 2022

Customers are now at the core of companies’ marketing strategies. Today, to meet their expectations and needs, a new trend is emerging: the personalization.

Since the beginning of the online sales trend, most of the brands are present online to stay competitive. This phenomenon drives the companies to take into consideration in due form their digitalization. That is one of the reasons why the online sales developed rapidly in the last few years.

The second reason is that people do not want to spend time in physical stores when they can do their shopping from home. This is the reason behind the brands’ decision to allow their customers to customize their products to best meet their needs and desires.

This is why the issue of the importance of product customization arises and can be solved through the use of 3D technologies.

The consumer in the midst of brand challenges

Woman with a credit card for online shopping - LS GROUP

Customers are now at the core of companies’ marketing strategies in order to understand and answer their needs. But the companies do not stop there, because the consumers become very active in their purchases.

This concept is now widespread thanks to the internet access and of the social media where the consumer can give their opinion about products and/or services of brands they use. This concept can be traduced by the fact that the customer will have the power to guide the brand’s choices and will become a real player on the market.

By choosing and personalizing his products, the consumer will be powerful on the sales of the company and, as we said before, orientate the strategy of the companies and their brands. It can play on the marketing strategy or on their sales tools, like the configurators that we can find on automotive and cosmetic websites. These configurators allow the consumer to choose, for example, the texture of the interior of the vehicle or to personalize, in the cosmetic website use case, the lipstick holder.

So, the consumers became their proper designer, even if their choices are limited, and do not allow the customization of the whole product.

Web Car configurator for PSA by LS GROUP
Web Car configurator for PSA by LS GROUP

A stronger marketing strategy

The fact to put into practice and to transform its consumers into key players, allow companies to have a win-win strategy. What do we mean by that?

If companies have a very precise knowledge of their client, they will be able to offer product configurations that will be liked by clients. Therefore, it will create the needs in clients’ head to personalize their products. To succeed, companies will analyze their website analytics and their best-selling and consumer-preferred products. Then, they can offer the possibility to personalize a product for their clients along with a SEA strategy.

At the same time, they conduct a commercial operation because companies target the best-selling products with the customization option.

Sales will grow thereafter because consumers who have already purchased the product (without the option) will continue to buy and remain loyal to the brands.

Emotionally stimulated for a better conversion and fidelity

By offering an exclusivity, brands are almost sure to emotionally reach customers as they offered them the possibility to obtain their product with their own touch on it.

They succeed in captivating consumers attention and can share with them products that will correspond to their research and personalization criteria.

After all these steps, appeared the customer loyalty. For example, IKEA, a big brand of furniture, creates an augmented catalogue. It allows their customers to see if the furniture they like can be put in their flat or home. By doing this, they initially integrate the family environment.

Secondly, the brand creates an ad featuring a member of a family and their needs of having a lot of storage. The family target that can identify itself in this ad was well and directly addressed and targeted.

By integrating new technologies in their marketing strategy centred around the user, online sales brands have won their bet against physical shops with the need for personalization growing in the customer mind. So, what are you waiting for?


Eager to find more information about 3D tech?

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