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The Release 22.09 of Interact is here!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

In order to enhance the user experience, we regularly update our products. Today we are excited to announce the release of Interact, a Unity plugin that allows you to create industrial simulations in VR.

In addition to the bug fixes made to the plugin, let's discover some new features in this October 2022 update.

What you need to know!


First, the VR menu has been greatly improved. Thanks to a more intuitive interface, the user is more efficient and gain speed during his VR experience. The menu buttons are easier to reach thanks to the laser sight.

Moreover, our team has perfected the editor mode. You can easily add or remove buttons while creating your scene. This new version is adapted to the needs of everyone.


As far as the ergonomics are concerned, we have seen before a complexity in the use of trackers. The five Vive trackers used had to be turned on in a precise order. Sometimes, some bugs made it difficult to get all five connected in the required order.

With the new version, the order is no longer important. During calibration, the trackers are automatically associated. The configuration of the Vive trackers is immediate. This change saves time during use.


Many problems have been rectified for cables. Before this version, many cables with ownership errors caused INTERACT to crash. Crashes are greatly avoided and most of the cables are generated. In addition, the user can adjust the bending radius limits. By determining this, the user will be able to see during his simulation if the cables bend too much or not thanks to a color code. When the cable is red, it means that it is too bent and can be damaged. If not, the cable is green.


Meticulous work was carried out by our collaborators on the documentation in order to help you as much as possible. Information has been added about the scenarios and sample scripts have been attached for collision detection. Some help pages such as "How to configure your HMD Varjo with INTERACT?" complete the documentation.

To summarize…

Many features and fixes have been implemented in this new version and it would be impossible to list them all in this article. So, we invite you to read the INTERACT documentation to find all the changes!


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