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New year, new identity: welcome LS GROUP

A brief background on Light And Shadows

Our journey started in 2009 with the name "Light And Shadows" or "L&S" for short. If nowadays, Light And Shadows is specialized in 3D technologies (in the broadest sense), the company initially built its reputation in 3D visual rendering. Moreover, the name was an echo of the creation of 3D images, whose process required the intelligent use of light and shadows. Without them, the renderings would be dull. Therefore, light and shadow worked for better realism and a better quality of the renderings. Over the past decade, we have built strong relationships with a wide variety of clients and fields through large-scale projects. Thanks to all these experiences and successes, we wanted to challenge the status quo, to think beyond reality (poke our old slogan). After all, the ambition of our founder, Stéphane Imbert is: "Imagine the future, explore the unknown, experience the impossible!

Previous LS GROUP logos
Our logo evolution, from left to right.

Why a new identity?

Like our sector, the technology one, our will was to renew and innovate. Until now, in 2022, we have grown (almost 50 employees) and evolved towards new horizons. We are also now better structured than when we started and want to highlight our products and services to our customers. Another reason for this redesign stems from the pronunciation difficulties faced by our name, both in French-speaking territories and abroad, which can sometimes create barriers to the recognition of our brand, its notoriety, and its visibility. Thus, in the media, on posters, and particularly when spoken, our name was often mispronounced:

  • Lights And Shadows

  • Light And Magic

  • Lights And Shadow

  • Lighting And Shadows

  • … and many other unexpected names!

To break down this misuse of terms, we intended to simplify our DNA. This simplification also mirrored our mission to simplify processes and tools (marketing or industrial) thanks to our different solutions and expertise.

Bye-bye Light And Shadows, say hello to LS GROUP!

The pyramid remains…

Although we changed our identity, we wanted to keep the pyramid. Not only was it an integral part of our DNA, but it was also something that our employees were very fond of.

So it has been kept in the new logo, but we have changed the angle of view to convey our ambition to gain more height and visibility. This change of perspective reflects our new ambitions, but also the continuity of our services: to bring our customers the best of 3D technology!

… Just like our values.

We are evolving outwardly, but our vision remains the same: to guide you through your digital transformation.

This vision is based on 3 core values in our DNA:

  • Excellence: Our high standards and technical skills lead us to produce high-quality services that meet your expectations.

  • Pedagogy: We are committed to supporting you from the beginning and after the end of the project to make you as independent as possible.

  • Transparency: We are strongly dedicated to working with you in an unambiguous and transparent manner in order to maintain a relationship of trust.

A clarification of our offers and services

No more black and white, we wanted to bring a new dynamism into this new era. The LS GROUP pyramid is now adorned with a celestial blue, an incarnadine pink, a topaz yellow and a soft indigo purple.

All these colors are associated with our specific offers:

  • Pink / LS Studio: We digitalize your product into a multitude of photorealistic and interactive communication media.

  • Purple / LS Solutions: We develop your solution and offer customized support.

  • Blue / LS Software: We provide a range of turnkey tools to meet your industrial needs.

  • Yellow / LS Academy: We train on our tools and third-party software to leverage future technologies.

Shorter, clearer, and to further affirm this desire for novelty, the website has also been revamped (the one you are reading this article on).


LS GROUP is convinced of the potential of 3D technologies. We strive to better meet the needs of each of our clients, in order to offer them a memorable virtual experience.

Contact us for more specific information on how we can help you take advantage of new technologies!


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