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LS GROUP, a French success story that's going international

Suresnes, 06/09/2023 -

The virtual reality (VR) specialist has doubled his turnover in 2 years.

LS GROUP supports companies in defining and creating immersive experiences using new technologies - virtual and augmented reality, web, 3D, etc. - and helps them optimise their processes and enhance their brand image, products and services. - and helps them to optimise their processes and enhance their brand image, products and services. Having doubled its sales over the last two years, the company, which was founded in 2009, is now taking a new direction to support its international expansion.

Innovation serving brand image and industrial productivity.

Since 2009, the specialist in the development of applications to facilitate the appropriation and use of 3D technologies has set itself the goal of highlighting the products and services of brands and optimising their industrial processes.

From the creation of the most beautiful images to the development of product configuration applications, LS GROUP's experts produce content with the utmost care to help its customers enhance the brand image of their solutions and get their message across, whatever the medium : print, websites, virtual reality headsets, tablets or smartphones.

Resolutely innovative, the company regularly calls on the expertise of technology partners and has invested more than €6 million in R&D over the last five years to meet its customers' ever-changing needs.

LS GROUP expertise for every need

LS GROUP's expertise is structured into 4 offers and areas of competence:

LS STUDIO: artistic expertise that makes products sublime by promising visuals and interactive experiences to captivate, inspire and immerse the audience thanks to 3D rendering,

LS SOLUTIONS: customised support via VR/AR training simulators, personalised sales support tools, hardware or objects connected to applications, to transform the concept into virtual or augmented reality,

LS SOFTWARE: plugins and turnkey applications to help companies improve their industrial processes by giving them the possibility of endlessly testing scenarios and simulations in the virtual world, to avoid errors before going into production in the real world,

LS ACADEMY: training modules accredited by LS GROUP experts for total autonomy in mastering tomorrow's technologies.

A French success story that's expanding internationally

LS GROUP's expertise, which makes daily life easier for employees while improving business productivity, has already won over many well-known companies in a wide range of sectors: industry, aeronautics, aerospace, luxury goods, design, etc. This success is reflected in strong growth: in two years, LS GROUP has doubled its sales and its workforce.

To pursue its development in France and internationally, the company, which first made a name for itself in 3D visual rendering as Light And Shadows, has changed its identity to become LS GROUP at the end of 2022.

"From industrial design to product marketing, we are committed to simplifying our customers' processes with our software suite, and to enhancing their brand image. We are now bringing this dynamic, deeply rooted in our DNA, to our company. On the strength of the success of our expertise and solutions, we are looking forward to continuing our impressive growth by placing technological and visual innovation at the service of the biggest brands in France and the rest of the world", says Stéphane Imbert, Founder of LS GROUP.


Founded in 2009 on the initiative of Stéphane Imbert, formerly of PSA, LS GROUP is committed to developing applications that facilitate the adoption and use of 3D technologies. As a recognised player in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), LS GROUP is committed to enhancing the products and services of various companies and optimising their industrial processes. To date, the company's renowned customers include companies such as Airbus, Renault, Stellantis, Alstom, Saint Gobain, Hyundai, Toyota, US Navy, Bombardier Recreational Products, Arianespace, etc.

Based in Suresnes, the company employs around sixty people and applies its expertise in France and internationally.


Press contacts

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06 82 14 26 54

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