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The ULTIMATE guide to speed up your production process!

In this e-book, dive into the world of Virtual Reality and discover how it can be your best friend in the quest of efficiency: costs reduction, productivity and efficiency improvement within the industry. 

In various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, etc optimizing the design process is key to meet growing quality requirements and stay competitive in the market. 


Whether you are an engineering aiming to accelerate products development or a manager hoping to maximize the efficacity of your production chain, these insights will give you the advantage to be ahead of your competitor in the industry.

Through this e-book, discover how:  

  • Plastic Omnium engineers achieve to split by 3 their prototype time by using VR.

  • Haulotte, leader in the lifting equipments industry, optimize for many years  their design review thanks to VR. 

  • Renault use VR to optimize its: 

    • Assembly areas 

    • Assembly  processes



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