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Apple Vision Pro technical review

The Apple Vision Pro, the fruit of Apple's engineering, is more than just a virtual reality headset, even if they don't want to position it as such.

Apple Vision Pro technical test by LS GROUP

It's a jewel of technology that redefines the standards of comfort, immersion and interaction in the field of mixed reality. But what is this headset really worth? After three weeks of testing by our technical experts, here's a detailed look at the headset's features.

Here's what our experts have to say about the tried and tested features of this unassuming VR headset.

Sleek design and comfort

Apple Vision Pro redefines comfort with its sleek design, conceived for prolonged wear during immersive virtual experiences. The weight of the headset is a minor issue, although the remote battery means that the weight of the headset is kept to a minimum.


Powered by a state-of-the-art OLED screen, the Apple Vision Pro offers unparalleled visual immersion. Its superior panel quality, remarkable resolution and see-through management put it at the top of the mixed reality field. Its low latency rate makes even the most delicate interactions natural and intuitive. Grabbing a tangible object is no longer a problem - it even feels natural.

Interaction system

Thanks to high-end sensors and intuitive design, interaction with Apple Vision Pro is fluid and natural. The absence of a joystick is a judicious choice that simplifies the user experience. Once the headset has been calibrated, interaction becomes a matter of course, making it as intuitive as a smartphone.

Enhanced safety during immersion

Apple Vision Pro incorporates advanced security measures to protect users and ensure a safe experience. Management of the transparency of 3D objects and the clipping of nearby people means that there is no risk of collision without the need to create a Guardian, which can sometimes be laborious.

The ecosystem

The integration of Apple Vision Pro into the Apple ecosystem redefines the user experience. Automatic spatial recognition of other Apple devices enables seamless interaction. Your headset can spatially recognise a Mac and display its screen directly in the headset. You can also display a 3d file directly on the headset from a Mac. This integration into the ecosystem is surely the most promising aspect, and one that could make all the difference to the competition.

Apple Vision Pro represents a major advance in the field of mixed reality, offering innovative features and an exceptional user experience. After this analysis, its potential in the industrial sector seems immense, and our experts are continuing to explore its possibilities. Our next work on this headset involves developing industrial applications and integrating a demonstration of our LS CAR car configurator. The aim of these tests is to assess the effectiveness and adaptability of this helmet for industrial use.


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