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3D configurator: A solution for automotive industry during a global pandemic

Updated: May 12, 2022

When it comes to buying a car, visiting a dealership to test drive a car and get valuable advice from a seller is an essential part of the customer journey towards the purchase. But during the global pandemic where physical contact is limited to a minimum, customers expect automakers to offer exceptional customer service for them to make their purchase digitally. While there is no doubt that moving to e-commerce is the only solution for car manufacturers to carry on, one question remains: how can customers experience the same level of satisfaction online as in a physical store? At LS GROUP (ex Light & Shadows), we pondered on the subject and found an answer to this question in the online 3D configurator that allow consumers to project themselves through a product.

Customizing your dream car is no longer a dream

Today the demand for personalization is soaring, the technology is ready, and the time has come to change consumers’ buying patterns. Now, in the field of e-commerce, the challenge for brands is to offer a flawless and unique experience, further involving customers in their purchasing decisions.

Lexus LC500 online configurator by LS GROUP
Lexus LC500 online configurator by LS GROUP

A 3D configurator clearly meets these trends of personalization and digitalization. In fact, a 3D configurator is an interactive mobile, tablet or web based application enabling clients to customize a product in real-time. They can choose from a variety of colors, options and materials. These choices allow them to design a unique final product that corresponds exactly, or very closely, to their expectations. Suddenly, the customers not only have confidence in what they are ordering, but also an opportunity to actually become owners of their creations, hence motivating themselves to buy these items.

But what can be customized in a 3D car configurator? Almost everything. From the body color to outside visible features such as brake calipers or rims, to the interior design of the car (e.g. seats or steering wheel), the possibilities are endless. Some configurators even go beyond this by modelling several environments to obtain more realistic simulation. Globally, everything from car models and textures to materials and animations (e.g. opening of doors or hood) are subjected to visualization and virtual configuration!

At LS GROUP we made a configurator for the Lexus LC500 model using the Unity game engine. Not only did we want to create a multiplatform experience (web and mobile), but also emphasize the realism of the vehicle for a better product projection. We used different methods to achieve it: color grading, vignetting, depth of field, and more. The user can personalize the exterior as well as the interior of the vehicle thanks to the different tints and the range of materials available. And finally, we have put a “showcase” module allowing to display the configuration in a video as shown below :

With this kind of solution, car manufacturers can overcome the barriers created by the global pandemic. > Read the entire article on the AIXR website.


Eager to find more information about 3D tech? LS GROUP believes in the potential of 3D technologies. We strive to better meet the needs of each of our clients, in order to provide them with a memorable virtual experience. Feel free to contact us for more specific information about our projects!


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