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Try it before building it

XR Kitting is developed in partnership with the France's largest car manufacturer Renault Group.
Simulate your warehouses and your supply areas without having to stop your production lines thanks to an immersive virtual reality environment.

Not only for automotive industries!  

Our goal is to develop the solution to help you train new operators safely in VR and improve the performance of your current operators.   

Security & Defense, Aerospace, Logistics, and any industries that assemble parts to make a product or parts of a product (plane, train, car parts, bags, electronics, etc.) can use XR Kitting.  

It’s an editor that allows kitting operators to virtualize and simulate picking areas by importing and optimizing 3D assets (parts, boxes, racks, conveyors and 2D layout plans) very easily. Build-in editors allow you to create assets on the fly if you don’t have the original models.  

To simulate an entire area:  

  • Add parts in boxes, 

  • Assemble parts together, 

  • Add kitboxes on carts,  

  • Manage multiple carts trajectories and speeds,  

  • Create kitting scenarios... 


XR Kitting provides a build-in VR simulation mode to test picking areas and iterate very quickly and with no limitations. Based on Steam VR, this mode is compatible with most VR devices. As explained by Renault Group project manager in our video interview, picking operators can validate areas before starting their production, thanks to this immersive mode. 

XR Kitting is an easy way to reduce kitting cycles’ duration and improve operators’ performance through the statistics gather during the VR simulation. 


They talk about us

We would like to validate the picking-kitting area even before building it. We got a small group of factories using XR KITTING and the idea is to deploy it in all the Renault Group factories.

Lucas Gonçales Silva |  Renault Group

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