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New dynamics for ergonomics

XR Ergo is a software for ergonomic analysis of workstations in virtual reality.   

In other words, it helps process designers, ergonomists, and operators to evaluate the ergonomics of workstations. These workstations can be existing (in situ study) or in the process of being designed (simulation in VR of a 3D workstation from a CAD model).   

The identification of postures and their classification is based on the RULA method, which analyzes the biomechanical and postural loads of the upper limbs. Moreover, the RULA method (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment), recognized and used by many ergonomists in the world, conforms with the European directive 90/270/CEE.  

However, if your company uses another method, our experts can integrate your own evaluation, analysis, and restitution rules within XR Ergo for a personalized experience.   

To capture their gestures, operators are equipped with motion capture suits adapted to the situation: inertial sensors, 4D cameras, position trackers, haptic gloves and/or virtual reality headset. Risky postures are identified and reproduced in real-time or in delayed time during the analysis of the recordings. 


Curative Approach

In site evaluations help to conduct a qualified audit of existing workstations to identify the steps involving extreme postures. This also provides the tools to conduct an iterative process improvement for better compliance with ergonomic requirements. 

The immediate reading of the records makes it possible to conduct self-assessment sessions with the operators. And the latter, when they see themselves working, become more aware of the improvements they themselves can make. 

Preventive Approach

VR gives you the power to see the existing workstations at scale 1 on 3D models imported directly into XR Ergo from CAD design files. Equipped with a VR headset and motion sensors adapted to your requirements (position trackers, inertial sensors, haptic gloves, etc.), you can evaluate the future workstations by running the scenarios you have prepared as many times as necessary. 

The detection of MSD risks at a very early stage of the project helps to develop the future workstation at a lower cost and to validate the ergonomics from the design phase. 

XR Ergo has a dual role : curative and preventive. 

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