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To convey the modularity of their new sofa, Arpège, Liaigre thought of an interactive and customizable web experience: a 3D configurator.

Today, Liaigre's legacy is beyond measure. The archetypal brand of minimalist, modern home furnishings still inspires enthusiasts and experts in the world of home décor around the world. For a brand like Liaigre, the experience had to continue to inspire throughout the customer journey, even online.

Between comfort and flexibility, Arpège is customizable with its different seating modules and options available to adapt to all occasions. In this way, its visitors can turn their inspirations into reality.

Client: Liaigre

Date: 2020 - 2021

Expertises: Configurator

#Configurator #Realtime #InteriorDesign

We built the 3D configurator in the image of the brand, in the "Liaigre style": elegant and clean.

On the one hand, our teams wanted to design a simple but aesthetic user interface, as well as a fluid and accessible user interface. We also wanted the web configurator to reflect the simplicity of the sofa's lines and the fluidity of its design. That's why our 3D designers worked on the finish of the materials and the color palette to give a certain elegance.

Thanks to WebGL technology, the configurator is now online on the dedicated Arpège page and is ready to configure your future sofa !


Interactive web configurator for the Arpège sofa

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