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XR Kitting: Virtual reality kitting training application

Renault Group

Image de représentation en réalité virtuelle de modules

Client: Renault Group

Date : 2020

Expertise: Custom Solutions

The birth of XR Kitting, a virtual reality (VR) simulation software, stems from the difficulties faced by Renault Group factories in the design and deployment of kitting areas.

This logistical activity, consisting in grouping all the elements of a product into a package (a kit) that will be sent to the assembly lines, is a pivotal point for their proper functioning.

This is why the automotive brand was looking for an innovative tool to optimize and validate these operations at a lower cost and without interrupting production. It should also serve as an immersive training tool for new operators to evaluate their behavior.

Our talented developers studied the project in order to build the right experience for the French car manufacturer's needs: a virtual reality kitting simulation application.

The latter was able to import scenes from the IO Kitting algorithm. It allowed to design an ideal layout of a kitting area from input data.

In this respect, the application let users open and play these scenes, simulate VR kitting cycles and correct anomalies to optimize the kitting areas.


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