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TAPIR : VR application for automated gun and fuel tank testing

Plastic Omnium

Image de simulation de test automatisé en réalité virtuelle

Client: Plastic Omnium

Date: 2017

Expertise: Custom Solutions

The automotive supplier, Plastic Omnium, trusted LS GROUP to develop a software solution for the simulation of gun/tank insertions in VR: TAPIR. The goal was to validate the design and feasibility of a gun insertion in a fuel tank, to the nearest micron, using automated tests. Moreover, following these tests, a detailed report summarizing the results had to be generated. Plastic Omnium wanted a virtual experience with a certain degree of realism, with metric criteria. Furthermore, the application must be usable by a non-expert public. It had to be easy to set up, easy to use, and require very little training time.

Based on the project needs, TAPIR has been built from the software bricks of our product Interact (plugin for Unity).

With Interact, our experts leveraged XDE, the physical simulation engine developed with our partner, the CEA List. Thanks to XDE, the virtual reality simulations were physico-realistic through a precise detection of the collisions between the gun and the fuel tank.

TAPIR proposed a simplified interface to configure the scene with the 3D models (gun to be tested, part of the tank insensitive or not to the cutting plane...) and to simulate it. Moreover, to speed up the process, the insertion of the gun could be automated to replay the same trajectory on the following ones.


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