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How 3D watch configurators are transforming luxury horology

In the luxury watchmaking industry, innovation is a balancing act between the preservation of traditions and the constant quest for technological evolutions. Using 3D content has opened new horizons for watchmaking brands, allowing them to push back the limits of creativity and customer experience. In this article, we’ll explore how innovation and 3D technology has transformed luxury horology, offering brands new opportunities to stand out in the marketplace.

Chanel watch configurator developped by LS GROUP (ex Light and Shadows)

There are several types of configurators, each designed to meet the specific needs of different sectors. In the luxury goods industry, the real-time 3D configurator has recently gained popularity behind the pre-calculated configurator. This article will help you choose the right 3D configurator for your challenges.

The benefits of 3D watch configurator in the luxury industry

The use of 3D technology in luxury watchmaking offers many benefits for brands and customers.

1. For brands  

New opportunities of design and customization are possible thanks to 3D technology.

A 3D configurator reduces the time and cost of shooting new watch models. Thanks to 3D modeling, in-store sales tools enable sellers to present the full range of their watches and variants in real time. It is even more important in the world of luxury watchmaking, where model availability is rare.

For online deployment, the 3D configurator allows customers to explore and discover the model in more depth than with an image. They can act freely in the comfort of their own home, with the virtual assistance of the information provided. What's more, the solution's interactivity helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and offer your customers a better experience.

2. For customers

A real-time 3D configurator offers customers a unique, immersive shopping experience. Thanks to 3D watch viewers, they can discover their watch from every angle, zooming in on details and exploring different functionalities.

3D configurators let them customize their watch to their preferences, choosing materials, colors, complications, and straps. This makes their purchasing decision clearer and encourages involvement in the process of creating their watch.

Enhancing know-how: virtually simulating the workings of watch mechanisms gives customers a better understanding of movements and complications. This allows customers to use and discover their watch's functions: chronographs, superluminova...

Your customers have access to all the collections. This enables them to choose from a wide range of models, or rediscover limited or flagship editions.

Real-time configurator success stories in luxury watchmaking

Many luxuries watch brands have already adopted 3D technology to innovate and offer new experiences to their customers.

IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Schauffhausen offers a real-time configurator and pre-calculated images of watches on its website. Several watch references and their variations are presented thanks to this tool. The 3D 360° configurator allows clients to customize the case, dial, hands and bracelet of their watch.


The Bvlgari watch configurator allows clients to customize various elements of their watch, such as the case, dial, hands and bracelet. They can view their watch in 3D or 360°.


Jaeger offers a choice of engravings for the 3 models of the Reverso reference thanks to a 360° configurator. The user has a choice of personalization options ranging from the dial to the engravings, e.g. flowers, initials, text, zodiac sign... Discover Jaeger's watch configurator


Innovation and 3D technology have opened up exciting new perspectives for luxury watchmaking. Watch brands can now push back the boundaries of creativity and customer experience with 3D content such as configurators or catalogs.

This technology offers significant advantages in terms of cost reduction, customization and customer immersion. However, its adoption requires significant investment and challenges in terms of preserving traditional craftsmanship. By striking a balance between tradition and innovation, luxury watch brands can create exceptional timepieces that combine ancestral know-how with cutting-edge technologies.

LS GROUP enables you to give access to all the references in your collections.

A preview of the J12 watch configurator we created for Chanel

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