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The software that improves your kitting process: XR KITTING

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

At LS GROUP, we strive to transform and improve our customers' industrial processes by offering innovative solutions.

After having created simulation software to analyze ergonomic, design or train painters in the industrial sector, we thought (in partnership with Renault Group) of a new tool to optimize the kitting business: XR KITTING!

But… What is kitting?

Kitting is a method of packaging all the parts of a product to facilitate its assembly. Kitting is carried out before production to ensure a constant flow of products to be assembled.

Omnipresent in mass production, kitting is used in many sectors such as the automotive, appliance and furniture industries. It allows faster production and reduces the risk of errors during the manufacturing process.

After noticing difficulties in the design and implementation of a kitting area, the Renault Group contacted us to create together a software to optimize their process: XR Kitting!

XR Kitting, an indispensable tool in the Industry 4.0 era!

Developed in partnership with Renault Group since 2020, XR Kitting is a software that simulates picking-kitting areas in a realistic and immersive way. The aim of this software is to design the picking zones, examine them and then set them up in an optimized manner.

XR Kitting meets three major needs originally expressed by Renault Group:

  • Improve kitting cycle times and limit operator’s movements (outside their kitting zone).​

  • Train operators in kitting and analyze their behavior during a cycle.​

  • Limit errors and optimize operator’s efficiency.

To do this, XR Kitting gives kitting operators the ability to virtualize and simulate picking areas by importing 3D assets (parts, shelves, conveyors, etc).

Thus, it is possible to:

  • Create standardized shelves or boxes quickly,

  • Linking boxes to shelves, parts to boxes, kit boxes to carts etc.

  • Program assemblies of parts with each other,

  • Manage multiple carts trajectories and speeds,

  • Create kitting scenarios...

  • ...

Figure 1 - Overview of XR Kitting 3D editor mode.

In addition, XR Kitting provides a built-in VR simulation mode to test picking areas and iterate very quickly and with no limitations. Based on Steam VR, this mode is compatible with most VR devices.

Figure 2 - XR Kitting demonstrator at the Tech Days exhibition organized by Renault Group

Who is XR KITTING for?

Initially, only a limited number of factories in the Renault group were using XR Kitting. Having realized the benefits of the software, the Renault group expressed the wish to deploy XR Kitting in all its factories.

Based on the very positive feedback from Renault, we decided to make XR Kitting available for sale. We are convinced that this software can be beneficial for various industries that need to prepare kits before assembling products such as aerospace, defense, and logistics.

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