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The H160M HIL : The first multirole helicopter of the French army

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Airbus Helicopters

Client: Airbus Helicopters

Date: 2019

Expertise: Commercial images and films

Airbus Helicopters planned to reveal, through a pre-calculated photorealistic video, their new military flagship, the H160M HIL, during an event.

After the success of the H160 helicopter, the latter was selected by the French Army as part of the HIL program (Light Joint Helicopter), launched in 2017 to replace five types of helicopters for various missions.

The eagerly awaited 3D video was intended to reveal the H160 in a new light, in a military and unprecedented version. It was also intended to highlight its modular configuration and versatility, making it the new modern reference asset for the army.

The first step was to develop a storyboard describing each shot of the video in close collaboration with the Airbus teams : From the tail to the cockpit of the helicopter, each sequence depicted a specific element of the rotorcraft to highlight all its aspects. Furthermore, we also took advantage of our experience in the production of pre-calculated photorealistic videos to be a force of proposal on the artistic direction. In this way, we ensured the homogeneity of the sequences and the very qualitative rendering. Finally, after our 3D experts modeled the scene and the aircraft, they used motion design to add details such as key messages.


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