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Real-time 3D application and photorealistic images

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


3D modeling of the Ariane rocket taking off from planet Earth

Client: Arianespace

Date: 2021 – Today

Expertise: Custom Solutions

The leader of the European space industry, Arianespace, asked LS Group to faithfully reproduce its missions through realistic images. For centuries, mankind has wondered about space. It is a whole new world of possibilities that has opened up to discovery and exploration thanks to new and more powerful technologies. Today, space explorations gather a nebula of actors who invest to make progress in this field. Since then, these explorations raise new stakes, whether scientific, economic or political. For the public interest and for all the stakeholders, the concern of transparency regarding the launch process became a requirement. However, it remains complex to obtain quality images in space. Therefore, it is in this black hole of apprehension that LS Group intervenes to highlight the rocket launches.

We developed a 3D software, based on Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and React JS for the user interface, virtually recreating each launch in real time. This tool can read Arianespace's simulation data with the launcher's real-time status (position, orientation), solar conditions and the current status of ground stations reading the launcher's data during the mission. Using these different data, the application will produce photorealistic images that will serve as a communication tool. A fine work has been done beforehand on all the elements that will compose the images. The image of the Earth, which was created from public images of NASA, was cleaned and processed by our tools for a real-time rendering. We also modeled in 3D the Arianespace launchers (Ariane 5, Vega and Soyuz) as well as the different satellites (James Webb, OneWeb, Galileo, CERES...) involved in the missions.


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