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Photorealistic 3D images of Falcon aircraft

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Dassault Aviation

Présentation de l'avion en vue du dessus découpée

Client: Dassault Aviation

Date: 2011 – Today

Expertise: Commercial images and films

Between comfort, versatility and performance, the new Dassault Aviation Falcon jets continue to attract the interest of aviation enthusiasts year after year.

To faithfully represent the harmony of shapes and colors of its private jets, Dassault relied on LS GROUP for more than ten years now. Today, the visuals of the Falcon 7X, 6X, 5X, 2000, 2000s and the 10x created by LS GROUP are used as web and print communication support.

From the nose to the tail, including the environment in which the aircraft is located, our 3D computer graphics teams have by no means downplayed their work on aesthetic details. Their rigor can be felt in the fluidity of the lines and realism of each element of the image: materials, objects, shadows and lights have been carefully selected to convey the premium experience of flying aboard the Falcon. Through these photorealistic images, the first-rate comfort as well as the luxurious and sophisticated interiors are highlighted.


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