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Why are configurators used so often in the retail sector?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

In recent years, e-commerce has been booming in retail. As well as international companies such as Amazon or E-bay, many physical stores have contributed to this growth by selling their products online. In fact, due to the crisis, physical stores have begun to engage in a digitalization strategy. As a result, companies have implemented many technological tools that make them be more efficient. Among them, is the 3D Configurator.

A sales tool that has become essential

Before stating its multiple advantages, let's briefly define a 3D configurator. A 3D configurator is an interactive tool using 3D models of real objects and allowing users to customize a product in real-time. Thanks to the configurator, the user can set up product colors, materials, or components, all with a 360-degree view.

As a real sales tool, the 3D configurator is used in many fields such as the automotive, furniture, and clothing industries.

Indeed, the 3D Configurator has advantages for customers and companies.

3D configurators have advantages for customers…

Let's focus on adding value for customers first. To begin with, it reassures them. With real-time customization, they can see and choose how their final product looks. The configurators will greatly help them to project themselves. Furthermore, customers limit errors because they are less likely to be mistaken about the characteristics of the product, unlike pictures. On the application, the product is (almost) similar to the reality and the product dimensions are respected.

And companies…

As far as the advantages for companies are concerned, we can mention three main ones :

  • Provide a fun and engaging experience for customers

The configurator is an interactive tool: users are invested and take pleasure in testing several models before choosing their final product. Designing a custom product is a boon for customers. Consequences? Increased time spent on websites, higher conversion rates, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce product returns

In addition, we have seen previously that 3D configurators facilitate decision-making and limit errors as customers try the product virtually. Therefore, product returns are greatly reduced. A company will realize valuable savings on logistics by optimizing your return rate.

  • Offer unique products to stand out from the competition

Finally, the 3D configurator allows expanding the range of products offered. A product can have countless possible combinations. These hundreds, even thousands of possibilities cannot be presented on a website only with images, hence the importance of a 3D configurator.

Sofa configurator - LS GROUP
Arpège online configurator by LS GROUP

To illustrate what we mean, let's take the example of the 3D configurator we made for Liaigre. Liaigre is a French House of Creation combining luxury, simplicity, and minimalism. The details are subtle, and their lines are refined. To convey the modularity of their new sofa « Arpège », Liaigre thought of an interactive and customizable web experience: a 3D configurator.

The archetypal brand of minimalist, modern home furnishings still inspires enthusiasts and experts in the world of home decor around the world. For a brand like Liaigre, the experience had to continue to inspire throughout the customer journey, even online.

With the 3D Configurator, the user can choose the color of the different elements of the sofa, edit its structure, add seat modules or display the measurements. With all these options, the user can turn his dream product into reality. Without a 3D configurator, it would be difficult for him to project himself. Without testing many combinations, it is difficult to find the perfect product.

To conclude, the 3D configurator was able to respond to the problems caused by the health crisis. Despite the lockdowns, companies were able to present and have their products tested thanks to this technological tool. The 3D configurator became popular very quickly. Today, many companies have adopted a 3D configurator, or are considering it. If you are a company, and you want to increase the user experience by meeting the unique expectations of your customers, you know what to do!


Eager to find more information about 3D tech?

LS GROUP believes in the potential of 3D technologies. We strive to better meet the needs of each of our clients, in order to provide them with a memorable virtual experience.

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