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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

On Tuesday 11th October, was held the Meta Connect 2022 Conference where were presented the new products and features of the group.

Here’s you need to know on this Keynote dedicated to virtual and augmented reality!

The launch of the Meta Quest Pro

The Quest pro, designed primarily for professional use, is available for pre-order for $1500.

Many technological advances have been announced such as:

- A new processor 50% more powerful than the Quest 2

- New optics allowing a wider field of vision while maintaining the best possible definition.

- New features in terms of mixed reality with the possibility of having a color and high-resolution vision of the outside world.

To access all the features of the headset:

Partnership with Microsoft

With this partnership, we can see Meta's focus on a business audience. It will be possible to integrate Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Windows 365, Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory inside the Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets.

A consequent development of the avatars

- After many criticisms about the graphic quality of the avatars, the Meta group has decided to rectify the situation by offering more realistic avatars. These new avatars will be able to reproduce our facial expressions.

- Legs for avatars in the metaverse, probably within a year.

- Avatars present in video calls (on Zoom, Messenger, and WhatsApp)

New games announced

New games will be available in the headset such as Iron Man VR or Among Us VR on Quest 2.


Watch the Meta Connect keynote 2022:


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