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LS GROUP helps you to define and realize your experience with technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Web, 3D and much more!

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Global Industrie Contact

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We turn your idea into quality content to meet your image challenges.  

We are experts in creating high-quality content (images, videos, VR, AR, MR, ...) and configurators to showcase your products or services.   


You have ideas, and we translate them technically to develop your custom solution.  

Our engineers, graphics specialists, developers and designers are at your service to develop customized applications (or hardware). They are designed to facilitate the adoption and use of 3D technologies, especially VR and AR, to improve your industrial or marketing processes. 


We developed products based on the latest technologies and the digital twin to help you improve your industrial processes.   

We are also a software editor. We offer you off-the-shelf products using XR technologies and allowing you to create your applications for your industrial uses (INTERACT, XR TWIN, STIPPLE, XR PAINT, XR ERGO, XR KITTING). 


Our experts share their secrets with you (well, not all of them!) and guide you.   

Our training program will teach you the fundamentals for mastering the technologies of tomorrow. Whether on our applications (INTERACT, XR TWIN) or third-party software (UNITY, PIXYZ, UNREAL ENGINE), our expert trainers will guide you to take advantage of these tools.

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