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Training simulator for wood cutting

Dernière mise à jour : 25 sept. 2023


Client: Mimbus

Date: 2014

Expertise: Hardware

With Mimbus, a specialist in innovative solutions for professional training, LS GROUP developed the WOOD-ED table: a complete workstation (table, boards, etc.) acting as a virtual wood cutting training simulator. The wood jobs (cabinetmaker, carpenter, joiner...) have a common denominator: the safety risk. Dimensional saws, band saws, joinery machines... so many cutting tools to handle potentially dangerous. They require proper hand positioning and learning of work procedures. To help employers to better assess and prevent these risks, Mimbus wanted to create a cutting simulator to train safely and autonomously.

Based on this information, we built the WOOD-ED table. It is a virtual training table simulating 4 different types of machines (band saws, sliding table saws, planers, and routers) and several training exercises. Thanks to a control screen and tracking solutions (motion capture), WOOD-ED trains and analyzes the learner's movements precisely and in real time in a safe environment: no cuts, projections, or risk of accident. Moreover, learning is virtual and immersive, which means the trainee can perform the gestures with force feedback (vibration/mechanical force). Finally, this training tool saves on raw material consumption and wear and tear on real machines. Everyone can train when they want and as many times as they want!


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