EIT Manufacturing

V-Machina: VR training for safe interaction and practice with machines and robots

In the industrial sector, the training and practice of employees often requires interaction with expensive, cumbersome and even potentially dangerous machines and robots. 


This is why EIT Manufacturing wanted to develop a learning platform where any student or practitioner can safely learn and practice manufacturing and repair. To do this, EIT Manufacturing gathered a consortium of innovative players from education and industry, including us. 

The purpose of this project is to stimulate this innovative approach to training, which promises to play a key role in current and future learning. 

Client: EIT Manufacturing 

Date: 2020

Expertise: Custom Solutions

#Trainingsimulator #Realtime #Industry

Aware of the various challenges raised by industrial training, our teams decided to create learning simulations in virtual reality. 


From 3D modeling to scenario creation, our teams have ensured that the experience is the most educational and safe for each practitioner.


Experiences are controlled and designed around each user by adapting the simulations to their very profile. Thanks to gamification aspects, they will take into account physical and gender diversity, with special attention to the identification of dangerous interactions and psychological state via activity recognition.  

​Originally known as Light And Shadows, we wanted to inject a new dynamic into the brand. This is why we are becoming LS GROUP: A clearer identity, easier to express, but which retains the experience accumulated since our creation in 2009.

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